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A Look at Disney Music Fridays # 127: A Goofy Movie

Posted by Moviefan12 on April 18, 2014 at 8:00 AM

Hello  & welcome  back to  A Look at Disney and to Music Friday.  19 year ago, this month,  one of my favorite movies was released to theaters, A Goofy Movie. And  I remember seeing this movie in theaters and this movie holds a special place in my heart as the movie that made me the Disney fan, I am today thanks in part to it teaching me that Walt Disney was a real person.  My little elementary school mind was blown away.  Anyways,  today on Music Fridays,  I'm celebrating A Goofy Movie's 19th anniversary by taking a look at the soundtrack.   And  I'll spare you the use of '90s lingo as I looked it up as thought for this article but was too embarrassed at what I saw.  Anyways, let's begin.

 After Today

Man,  I love this number and this number made me think Max was so cool.  Confession time, the year that this movie came out, I had mom make me a Max costume for Halloween based on After Today and that is one of my favorite Halloween memories.  This song is just so much fun and in many respects, it is a n "I Want" number and oh, man does it evoke the '90s.  And oh hi,  Wallace Shawn.   This song just gets you excited for the last day of school and ready for what is next.   Which,  I used to always watch this film on the last day of school as a summer tradition.   Great number that is a blast to listen to open up a great film.

Stand Out

I'll be honest and say that I haven't listened to this number in a long while but it was one that I always enjoyed and it was just a lot of fun watching Max try and impress Roxanne.  And this visuals accompanying this number feel like an Mtv  Music video.   For my younger audience,  Mtv used to play music videos and not shows about pregnant teenagers.  Sorry,  I just wanted to make that joke and this number is just fun but I never understood why the students turned on Max, when his plan failed.  Then again, teens are fickle bunch.

On The Open Road

Talk about a great traveling song and  after the insult that the 2013 series threw at Goofy in that horrid short, it's nice to see something that respected  Disney's comedian.  This song is cute and a lot of fun and I remember the Nostalgia Critic said it was big lipped alligator moment that stopped the movie just for this number and  I don't think that I agree with that as in this number,  you hear that Goofy is trying to reconnect with his son by showing him all they can have fun together on the open road and  has a poignant moment, when Goofy sees the prisoner as Max as he doesn't want his son to head down that path.  Yeah, it's a big show stopping number but there is a point to all of it.

Lester's Possum Park

HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   If you recall,  my Bottom of The Barrel Music Fridays, where I went over what I consider the worst Disney songs, this was one of the ones that I covered.  This song is just so stupid and  grating and yeah, I get that it's a parody of  The Country Bears.  Well, it's not a very entertaining parody.

Nobody Else  But  You

Back  when Les and I did your Disney Dads countdown,  Goofy came in at # 1 on my list and this song is in part, the reason why as it shows that Goofy  still wants to be a part of Max's life but doesn't know how and  this is one of the few father/son songs that I can think of from a Disney film and it really highlights  the relationship between a father and a son in my opinion in how, they are good company and while they may get on each others' nerves,  fathers and sons should always be there for one another as that is one of the strongest bonds that can be.  And  this song perfectly highlights the wonderful relationship between Goofy and Max. 


Ah  Powerline,  the biggest star.

  Not bigger than Xavier Cugat, the mambo king. Everybody mambo!

Well except maybe that guy.  This number is just fun and it is so clear that Powerline was based on Micheal Jackson as this sounds so much like an MJ number with the background music and just the vibe that it put off and oh word is that Powerline  recently  came out of retirement for a one night show.   

And  I've got myself a notion, one that you'll understand that a lot of people that grew up with this film would so go to that if it were real. Disney, next year, this movie turns 20.  Do  a concert for it and get Tevin Campbell to preform  Stand Out and 121.  Do you know how many '90s kids would lose their minds, if you did that?  I would. 

Man, I love this movie and the music is one of the reasons, why. You just can't beat the soundtrack.  This soundtrack seriously takes me back to '95, every time I hear it.  Seriously,  everything about this film just screams '90s to me and I couldn't ask for a better movie to take me back to that decade that also brought us Power Rangers and many other great things, I still love.  Peace Out!

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Reply alexthed
12:21 PM on April 18, 2014 
I've really been wanting to rewatch this movie. Since Netflix Instant has so many other movies you like, why don't they have this one?
Reply Infamous Jak
10:56 AM on April 18, 2014 
Always enjoyed the music in this film. Good work
Reply BigBlackHatMan
9:13 AM on April 18, 2014 
I really dug this movie. It was so much fun that I was happy to catch it in the theater at the time. The music of course made it a real hit. Good work


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